Welcome to my site, "Gorgonville" is dedicated to all the Gorgones, the Favazzis and Favazzos, the Cocos and Pacinis  around the World; to all my friends in every corner of the World. Above all it's dedicated to my  mother,  to my son Joseph Carlo ; and to all my family that I love and cherish more than anything else in this World.

Joseph Carlo In Front  of the Capitol  in P.R.
I'm not a computer expert, neither a writer; I'm a simple common guy that loves  adventures and
is not afraid of new frontiers. As a matter of a fact, if I reached where I'm today; it's
because of my courage to cross new frontiers. In the site you will find a bit of everything: Research of my family roots, with some Geneology informations. History
about the little town of:
" Capri Leone "  where I come from, poems and thoughts written by me. Some pictures, links to other sites of  friends and or that I like; and to some  very useful searching sites.
La vera Gorgonville in mezzo  agli alberi e fiori di pesco
Gorgonville ammantata di neve
Joseph Carlo Vestito da Boy Scout
Joseph Carlo giocando a Base Ball
Volare..oh ..oh..
Thanks for writing!
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